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Easigrip supports your chosen sport

Easigrip elasticated tubular bandage is ideal for adding extra support while you are playing your favorite sport.

The bandage, which is made from 100% pure cotton, is ideal for supporting weak limbs, or if you have recently recovered from a sporting injury it provides that extra reassurance for getting you back in the game.

It is available in a range of sizes and has been used by many sportsmen and women who have found the product comfortable to wear and easy to put on.

For many years the manufacturers of Easigrip has supplied football league clubs, including Crewe Alexandra, with the bandage which is also suitable for dressing retention.

Easigrip is ideal for people who play sport regularly as it is washable which means it can be used again and again without losing its quality.

So, if you are looking for cost effective, cheap sports support turn to using Easigrip elasticated tubular bandage.

For all sports including:
- cricket sports support for wrist and elbow
- football sports support for knee, ankle and thigh
- golf sports support for wrist and elbow
- tennis sports support for wrist and elbow
- running sports support for ankle, knee and thigh

Easigrip is available to order from your local pharmacy. For more detailed information about Easigrip and to view our size guide click here

Sports first aid box

Remember to include Easigrip elasticated tubular bandage in your team's sports first aid box. Not only is the bandage excellent for providing that extra support, but it can also be used for dressing retention. For first aid equipment email info@easigrip.co.uk to request a colour brochure.

Easigrip Ltd strongly advises people who have injured themselves to consult a pharmacist or their GP for expert medical advice. Although Easigrip elasticated tubular bandage can help with sprains and strains - providing excellent support, it is not always the ecommended product for helping with sporting injuries. For our terms and conditions relating to content on this site click here.

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